Writing, designing, teaching, mapping and collaborating my way towards a better future.

I am a writer and participatory designer with an eye on alternative education and a love of instructional design. My mission is to improve educational systems and materials for learning technology, crafts, and other skills relevant to surviving – and maybe even thriving in – a challenging ecological and economic future.



I do what I love. I love what I do.


Seriously I can write all day

Blog posts. Magazine articles. Talks. Proposals. Tutorials. Instructions. Web copy. You name it, I'll write it. I love to take interviews, notes, scribbled chaos and complicated brain dumps, and turn them into clear, concise, easy-to-understand prose. Or bullets. Or whatever.

Education + Community

Learning together is the best

Technology can be scary to learn, but I think it doesn't have to be that way. Technology education can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be that way either. My mission is to create safe, affordable, inclusive spaces for learning about technology, hacking existing systems to make it happen.


It's all about process.

Design is not only about making something pretty that solves a problem, it's the process by which we get to those ideas and solutions. I use a participatory design method whenever possible, bringing clients and end users into the process early and often to create elegant, effective work.

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