Hi! My name is Beth.

I'm a writer, designer and artist based in Portland, OR.

Right now my website is under construction. But hopefully it won't be for long :)

In the meantime, here's a little about me. I specialize in helping people to promote their work, tell their story, and teach or explain something technical to a non-technical audience. I also love facilitating workshops, teaching, and getting my hands dirty on sculpture installs. These days I'm practicing a lot of painting so that one day I can paint murals.

Some of my recent projects are listed below. You can also check out my illustrations on Instagram and see my professional history on LinkedIn.

Thanks for stopping by! Bug me at beth [dot] schechter [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions.

* * *

CLIENT // Outer Elements Photography
ROLE // Web Designer
TASKS // web design and build, copywriting, image curation

* * *

CLIENT // Carly Boyer (Divina Carlita)
ROLE // Web Designer
TASKS // web design and build, copywriting, header image design

* * *

CLIENT // Cadasta Foundation
ROLE // Video Producer
TASKS // wrote script, recorded voiceover, recorded screencasts, edited screencasts and audio