Beth Schechter - Portrait by Outer Elements

I’m a freelance writer, designer, artist, and researcher based in Portland, OR. My work centers around making complex information digestible by and available to the public.

Until May 2019, I served as the Executive Director of the Open Cannabis Project. This work is now evolving into conversations and research on ethics, cannabis, data, and ownership, which will result in both academic publication as well as, more importantly, stakeholder-defined ethics and protocols. Sign up for this mailing list and be a part of the conversation.

In addition this work in Cannabis, I specialize in technical and educational writing and design. I’ve written curriculum on HTML, CSS, and Javascipt basics, edited a guidebook for communities in Ghana wishing to exercise land tenure rights, ghostwritten articles on the science of cannabis, and diagrammed how the patent system works with cannabis plants. My passion and ability in this area were discovered through my work as a co-founder of Maptime, a nonprofit that brings people together in communities around the world, to learn about using open source technology for making maps. I’ve also used these skills to develop a fellowship program at data visualization studio Stamen and to advise experts on how to better present educational materials to beginner audiences.

I hold a MS in Digital Media from Georgia Tech, where my work focused on participatory design with foragers and farmers, and BA in Philosophy from Georgia State University, where I focused on legal theory.