Open Cannabis Project (OCP)

Executive Director

In the fall of 2017, I was hired by cannabis genetics company Phylos Bioscience to help turn a project of theirs into a nonprofit. I helped leadership to select a capable board and write bylaws and built their website. At our first official board meeting, I was asked to be the Executive Director and accepted.

In addition to running the organization — whose mission was to document cannabis plants to create prior art and prevent overbroad patents — much of my work involved writing, design, and helping cannabis farmers to understand how the US patent system works in relation to cannabis, as well as the pros and cons of openly sharing information in the realm of intellectual property.

The organization unfortunately closed in controversy on May 31, 2019. Nevertheless, I’m honored to be known in the cannabis industry as a leader in ethics and subject matter expert in cannabis ownership — though I have mixed feelings about the practice.

My closing letter was also touted by a notable podcaster as “one of the best pieces of business writing [he’d] ever read.” I’m proud that I was able, as Meryl Streep has encouraged, to take my broken heart and go make art — sometimes, in the end, that’s all we can do.


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