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“Beth can turn a mess into a masterpiece! If you have a huge mess of information and questions, Beth will do all the research and ask every question you never thought of...and turn it into something clear and useful.”

- Randle Browning, Content Strategist

Articles & Blog Posts

There’s a Light and a Dark Side to Everything*

June 2019

* Please note that this reflects a difficult decision and professional situation. It is also one of the best non-confidential or ghostwritten pieces I’ve ever composed, one that calls for vulnerability and compassion — which our world needs now more than ever. It’s an act of vulnerability to share this piece front and center, and I hope it is read it with compassion as well.

The Future of High CBD Hemp

Project CBD
March 2019

Types of Cannabis Patents & Their Scopes

Subject matter experts: Dale Hunt, JD; Reggie Gaudino, PhD
Open Cannabis Project
July 2018

Silent Springs, Specifically: Visualizing North American Bird Flight Range Shifts for the Audubon Society

Subject matter expert: Alan McConchie
Stamen Design
March 2014

Academic Publications

Art + Data: Building the SFMOMA Collection API

by Sarah Bailey Hogarty, Keir Winesmith, Beth Schechter
Museums & the Web

The Collective Articulation of Issues as Design Practice

by Carl DiSalvo, Thomas Lodato, Laura Fries, Beth Schechter, Thomas Barnwell


The Science of Tattooing

Coming soon!

Responsible Investments for Property & Land (RIPL) Guidebook for Ghana (Business)


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